Gooey clay is how it all began. The potter molds a form, kneading and sculpturing in earnest, and behold… a vessel is born. Next, the artist transforms an otherwise plain pot by chiseling here, carving there with crevices everywhere! What seems like mindless cracks are actually smart crannies by a firm hand.

ké’s pieces undergo this intriguing metamorphosis. Pronounced ‘quay’, kéceramics is a designer and manufacturer of quality handcrafted products. Specializing in surface decorations, it uses both traditional and modern methods to come up with aesthetic yet functional ceramic pieces. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted therefore no two items are exactly the same.

kéceramics owes its ceramic beauty to Rosmah Yaakub, a designer, manufacturer, manager and entrepreneur all rolled into one. With her doodles, sketches and patterns, she breathes life into bland, bleak, and gooey clay.