Rosmah Yaakub, the key person behind kéceramics, graduated with a bachelor degree of urban planning in Sydney, Australia, where she spent the better part of her young impressionable adult life working part-time during her final years, in the city’s various harbor cafes, restaurants and retail outlets.

Her artistic inclinations, though noted during her teenage years in school through her regular doodles, sketches and patterns; was never developed or encouraged until she contemplated staying a few more years in Sydney upon her graduation, to continue enjoying the city’s harbor-walks, flea-markets and carefree lifestyles. Getting her student visa further extended by doing an interior designing course was top-most on her mind then. But family commitments and other personal factors prompted her to finally return to Malaysia for good after a solid seven years of life down-under.

Upon returning home, her restless mind and artistic inclinations continued and henceforth, influenced her choices of employment. From her first job of mundane transport planning analyses, she jumped into housing development layouts, then persuaded her departmental head to let her get briefly involved in the initial design & planning stages of an international island resort. She later requested her employers to allow her to join the architectural consultant who was actually an associate company handling the architectural design-concept of the resort, hoping that her creative juices would be fully sapped.

After spending a total of four years searching for her inner-self as an urban planner in three separate companies, she finally tendered her resignation to start her own creative venture in a totally unrelated field, with only one goal in her mind: to develop something very creative with her doodles, sketches and patterns, and eventually have her own brand-name.

Thus, ké DESIGNS (now known as kéceramics) was formed in January 1993 as part of a life-long pursuit to discover her inner-self and hidden talents. Though unrelated to urban planning, kéceramics products however, have remained evolving along these training lines and have been equally influenced by her Sydney sojourns, Malaysian backgrounds and Islamic ancestry. Unintentionally, Rosmah’s designs have continually displayed traces of housing layouts, road intersections, ravines and vegetations, undulating beaches, harbor wharfs & marine life and aboriginal anecdotes among many others, mainly in simplified geometrical forms.


The solid rock behind her creative sojourns have been her long-time fellow Sydney mate and now supportive husband, Arfudi Razak, who keeps her firmly grounded and focused in her journey towards achieving her dreams. Their 2 daughters have been equally inspiring and were occasionally incorporated into her product designs. And with the recent addition of a baby son, who knows, Kéceramics may one day come out with some ‘baby blues’ ranges.

Rosmah Yaakub is Kéceramics… the ever-evolving ceramic designer and manufacturer.


Rosmah with some of her muses…daughters Zulaika and Melissa ; baby – son Ikmal ; the pucuk paku gajah tree and yes, most importantly…her bed-partner Arfudi, all pictures circa 2003..

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