Design Tips

Need some tips on ceramic designs, manufacturing techniques, interior decorations, selling your artworks and other related matters? Or even tips on self-motivation, surviving the odds and making do with less?

The following tips are based on keceramics past experiences and also contributions by various individuals known to and associated with keceramics. Should you have any new tip/s to share, please mail us and your tip/s will be put up with due credits given.

designtipsTip 1
Being untrained in ceramic design can actually be an advantage to ceramic creativity because you’d explore all unknown territories and not be bounded by certain theories & practices. Having formal training in ceramics, however, is a definite bonus in solving production technicalities, which can otherwise be gained through years of trials & errors.

Tip 2
Let your heart flies and create… Let your head takes stock of things and calculate…

Tip 3
When you don’t have enough resources at your fingertips… compromise!!!
Results arising from compromising can sometimes be so much better because you tend to make the best out of every little you have.

Tip 4
As a rule of thumb, limit the colors of each design to a maximum of 3-4 colors. Too many colors would make it look messy, less classy and less pricey.

Tip 5
Keep asking ‘what am I doing?’, ‘why am I doing it?’, who am I doing it for?’… blah, blah, blah… to keep you honest and true to yourself.

Tip 6
Branding your artworks needs plenty of time, patience, persistence, researches, resources, little accessories… and yes, money…

Tip 7
Having no technical training in ceramic?? Forget about developing your own clays, your own colors or your own glazes, but instead, concentrate on what you think you could do best!!! Leave the rest of the technicalities to your suppliers!!!